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Welcome to CBG, where we are dedicated to providing the best system to meet your solvent recycling requirements. We tailor our solution to meet your specific needs, all the while focusing on dependability, service and support.

Since 1995, CBG has partnered with industrial manufacturers and laboratories to become eco-friendlier, meet sustainability objectives, increase production efficiency and decrease the economic impact associated with solvents used for various cleaning applications.

Important reasons for you, our customer, to work together with CBG:

  • Product Designs - based on your application to meet your recycling, recovery and production needs, such as:
    • Parts Washing/Degreasing Applications
    • Essential Oil Applications
    • Laboratory Applications – Histology, Chemistry, Cytology and Sustainability

  • Flexibility – Ability to handle/process multiple solvent streams
  • Integration – CBG’s Parts Washing/Degreasing (PW) Series integrates directly into your production process and parts washing/degreasing equipment, eliminating labor costs and reducing maintenance cycles.
  • Value-Driven Solutions – which sustain themselves environmentally and economically with solutions based on your production needs and solvent use
  • Safe Solvent Solutions – such as Xylene (F83), Toluene (F66) and d-Limonene (F52) substitutes
  • Platform – CBG has the capability to program for more than one solvent stream, thereby improving your recovery capabilities and reducing your waste generation and waste disposal costs.
  • Service – from CBG certified employee technicians
  • Original CBG Parts – to meet your production requirements
  • Safety – UL2208 Certification on our equipment
  • Volumes – multiple series of our equipment from 6G to 60G for industrial applications, and 2.5G to 10G for laboratory applications – to meet your volume requirements – we can grow with you.

Thank you for visiting CBG‘s website. We hope that you find this production and service information beneficial toward your recycling efforts. If you have any questions or comments, please use our Contact Us page and a CBG representative will be in contact with you as soon as possible. Also, please take advantage of our Cost Savings Calculator to help determine how much savings can be achieved by recycling and reusing your solvents.