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C1D1 Option

Class 1 Division 1 Explosion Proof Control

CBG recyclers already have many safety features built in. Our stock recyclers are designed for safe operation in a typical non-hazardous environment. However, some CBG customers require an enhanced level of safety to meet the need for the location of the recycler.

Class 1 Division 1 Explosion Proof Control:

A recycler constructed to Class 1 Division 1 standards will operate safely even if the expected operating environment contains a concentration of potentially flammable vapors. To do so, the potential ignition sources contained within the Recycler are separated from the potentially hazardous environment by approved protection techniques. Generally, the various electrical control components are housed within a Class 1 Division 1-certified, explosion-proof enclosure that would prevent any spark or explosion within the enclosure from escaping to ignite potentially flammable vapors outside the enclosure. Further, the motors contained in the Recycler would be rated Class 1 Division 1, with enclosures around their own potential ignition sources to prevent contact with the external environment. Wiring is also Class 1 Division 1-certified. And, any control signals going into the control enclosure are run through Class 1 Division 1-certified barriers to limit the voltage of any current that might somehow go onto that line leading outside the control enclosure. If you are unsure on whether you will require a C1D1 control enclosure for your system, please consult with your CBG representative and they will help you make the determination based on where the recyclers is intended to be located once on-site.

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