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Chemistry/Research Solvent Recyclers
Mobile Cart models available in 2.5, 5 & 10 gallon and 19L capacities
Bench top models available in 2.5 gallon and 9L capacity
Solvent Distillation Equipment | Benchtop Freshtake modelFreshtake Benchtop
9 liter capacity
Limited inventory
Solvent Distillation Equipment | Benchtop Solvent modelBenchtop Solvent
2.5 gallon capacity
(10 liters)
Solvent Distillation Equipment | 1 Gallon Benchtop Solvent modelBenchtop Solvent
1 gallon capacity
(4 liters)
Solvent Distillation Equipment | Freshtake Solvent modelFreshtake Solvent Recycler
19 liter capacity
Limited inventory

Solvent Distillation Equipment | Solvent RecyclerSolvent Recycler
10 & 20 liter capacities

CBG fractional distillation solvent recyclers offer you the ability to recycle and reuse acetone, alcohol, heptane and ethyl acetate. You can recycle your solvents without compromising your scientific research.

While maintaining high quality glassware washing, and supporting sustainability initiatives, CBG solvent recyclers offer university organic chemistry and/or research laboratories a new way to accomplish both.

Positive Impacts:


Your laboratory can expect an annual reduction of solvent purchases and disposal cost by upwards of 95 % Purity of recovered solvent is at least 99%.
  • Reusing clean solvents to wash your glassware with solvent recovered from the CBG recycler will reduce your overall waste volume.

  • Cost savings occur through major reductions in solvent purchases and reduced waste solvent disposal costs.

  • Valuable tech time is no longer needed to order solvents as you become your own solvent supplier.

  • Reduce storage space needed for both fresh solvents and waste solvents.


CBG solvent recyclers are designed as a push-start and walk-away system. Less than 15 minutes of staff time is needed per run, including time for loading the waste solvent into the unit and hitting the start button.
  • CBG units include a fully automated microprocessor to control cycle temperatures and run-times.

  • The distillation units are equipped with automatic start, electronic fill pump (five and ten gallon models), automatic decontamination process at solvent change, automatic waste disposal and automatic shutdown.


Recycling and reusing your solvent will directly impact sustainability initiatives by increasing the lifespan of the solvents and reducing waste into the environment.

  • Waste solvent recycling also can increase your team's productivity: reusing recycled solvent means you may reduce the amount of federal, state, and local Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) and Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) reporting you must provide, allowing employees to use their time more efficiently.

  • By reducing hazardous waste, you will also directly reduce or maintain a low waste generator status. Greening the supply chain is becoming a higher priority for many laboratory and health care facilities.


CBG’s solvent recyclers are ETL listed to UL 61010 and UL 2208 for use in non-hazardous environments. CBG solvent recyclers are also approved to Canadian standards (CSA) for 120 V configurations and to CE Standards.

Safety and safety compliance have the highest priority at CBG. Our solvent recovery systems are designed for safety and compliance with all applicable government and regulatory standards and specifications.
  • Automatic shutdown sensors are standard on CBG system

  • Satisfies the latest Uniform Fire Code requirements for solvent distillation recyclers

  • No water hook-up or special ventilation required

  • No hot surfaces – cool to the touch

  • Built-in spill containment