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Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers

CP Series 6, 15, 30 and 60 Gallon models

Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers
6 Gallon
S-600 Solvent Recycler
Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers
15 Gallon
S-1500 Solvent Recycler
Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers
30 Gallon
S-3000 Solvent Recycler
Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers
60 Gallon
S-6000T Solvent Recycler
Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers
Vacuum Assist
for Solvent Recyclers
Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers
C1D1 Option
for Solvent Recyclers

Composites industry operations use a significant amount of acetone and other solvents for cleaning molds and tools. Used solvent combined with resin waste is often the largest waste stream in the facility. Costs for acetone and for hazardous waste disposal can be very costly and erode profits.

With a CBG CP Series solvent recycler, composite operations can reclaim the acetone and other solvents from the waste resin and reuse it for tool cleaning and mold flushing needs. Recycling acetone on-site and reusing it will often help the facility by reducing generator status and cradle-to-grave hazardous waste liabilities.

Results You Can See!

Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers


  • All CP Series solvent recyclers are microprocessor-controlled to monitor temperatures and reduce time needed to monitor processing conditions.

  • Solvent recyclers include automatic start and electronic fill pump.

  • Easy to remove tank liners allow for quick and simply removal, as well as discarding the final resin waste.

Composites Industry Solvent Recyclers

Positive Impacts:


  • Composites operations using a CP Series solvent recycler drastically reduce the cost of acetone, other solvents and waste disposal.

  • Solvents include Acetone, D-limonene, Glycol Ethers and others used for tool cleaning and mold flushing.


All CP Series solvent recyclers are UL2208 Certified and satisfy the latest Uniform Fire Code requirements. Waste transfer fill pumps are available to reduce the risk of spills and exposure.
  • Automatic shutdown sensors included
  • Pressure relief valve included
  • Safe Hands hydraulic lift tank lid
  • Air-cooled; no water hook-up needed
  • C1D1 models available


  • Sustain the life span of your molds and tools

  • Limit excessive sanding or refinishing of mold surfaces

  • Reduce storage and the need to frequently monitor solvent quality

  • Recycle and reuse versus disposal