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Why use toxic HAP solvents when you can use non-toxic HAP FREE solvents?


Due to changing legal requirements and to meet increasingly stringent solvent regulations, solvent users are being pressured to discontinue using these solvents and to begin using safe and effective solvent substitutes.
  • Many states are making it very difficult, even illegal, to obtain HAP solvents.

  • CBG HAP-free solvents are effective alternatives to using xylene, toluene, D-limonenes and terpenes. Many companies are foregoing the use of these solvents altogether in favor of CBG’s safe alternatives.

Safety and Health

  • HAPs have been proven to potentially cause very serious medical risks though inhalation, skin/eye contact and ingestion. CBG HAP-free solvents do not expose users to these medical risks.

  • Federal regulations often require monitoring exposure levels of certain Hazardous Air Pollutant (HAP) solvents. This is not required when using a CBG’s HAP-free solvent.

Product Quality

CBG HAP-free solvents are used in laboratory tissue processing, manufacturing, painting, parts cleaning and more. CBG HAP-free solvents are as good as or better than their aromatic counterparts in almost every application. Primary quality benefits include:
  • Faster drying
  • No oily residues upon drying
  • Faster de-paraffinization
  • No benzene rings -more refined thinning agent
  • No badge-testing
  • No orange smell