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Solvent Recycling:
Drives Increased Profits
And Sustainability.

Get solid results to help you achieve
sustainability, increased profits,
cost savings, efficiency and safety.

  • Sole Focus on Solvent Distillation Equipment

    CBG's only focus is solvent recyclers. We have the expertise for the best solvent recovery, purity, automation, savings and service you need.

  • High Quality Construction and Service

    CBG's units are made in the USA. Many of our North American competitors are only distributors of imported recyclers - not the manufacturer of the recyclers. If you need service, CBG can quickly draw upon our engineering, support, production and R&D resources to ensure a prompt and quality resolution.

  • Safety

    CBG’s solvent distillation equipment is certified by ETL to UL 61010 and 2208 standards for use in non-hazardous and hazardous locations. We adhere to stringent construction and testing requirements of these standards.

    CBG never takes safety lightly - it is our priority.

  • Exceptional Customer Care

    CBG offers a diverse portfolio of service programs to meet varied customer needs. Our governing purpose is customer satisfaction from point of purchase through post-sale service and support. 24/7/365.

    Simply put - we treat our customers how we would want to be treated.

Looking for an alternative to your current solvents? CBG offers safe HAP-free solvents to substitute for xylene, toluene and other aromatic solvents.

Free samples are available for testing.