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Solvent Reclaiming Features

Manufacturers and researchers worldwide have benefited from the use of CBG's solvent recyclers in their operations.

While increased safety and regulatory compliance are two big benefits, one of the main advantages of reclaiming solvent is the cost savings it provides, as the examples below clearly show.

ChemGenes - Solvent Recovery and Recycling Case Study ChemGenes Corporation, Wilmington, Massachusetts

Reclaiming Isopropyl Alcohol - Manufacturer reduces solvent costs and achieves a lower waste generator status.

CBG’s Valued Customers

"I would be comfortable giving CBG a recommendation. Since we started dealing with CBG, everyone there has been extremely helpful, and the unit has performed very well."

Kyle Sulcebarger
Krazy Glue
"CBG has been an excellent company to work with. They were very helpful in working with us to get the right solvent recycler for our needs. In times of trouble they have been helpful in troubleshooting the issues and if repairs were needed they offered us options to allow for the best fit for our situation. Their equipment has been very reliable and delivers a recycled solvent (Hexane) equivalent to pure. We have used the CBG solvent recycler since 2008."

Harry Weatherholt
Warrick PT Lab Coordinator
The ISO auditor is very pleased about being able to put this project in his report and we're all very pleased with the idea of the savings and the reclaimed material...I feel like I'm the proud papa of a new child. It also gives me more credibility in identifying and implementing other cost savings / environmental improvement projects...

Feel free to put FPE on the list if any other potential customer needs feedback...I MAY even be able to swing a visit by a potential customer if they're close by.

Brien O'Neal Jones
Program Engineer / Environmental Coordinator
Florida Production Engineering, Inc.
I was able to show the CEO of the company, that the recycler paid for itself already! The bags aren't necessary but I like to use them to preserve the "excellent piece of equipment" that I use to recycle my solvent.

Jeff Achterberg
Fabricated Tube Products
Since our CBG PW Series Recycler was integrated with our degreaser, our production cleaning process has been greatly improved in numerous ways. With clean production solvent available 24/7, we avoid routine shutdowns to drain our Baron-Blakeslee degreaser and replenish the solvent, which also reduces staff exposure to solvents and repeat runs due to part rejects" said CBG customer Jody Cook, Facilities Engineer, at Jore Corporation.

"The labor time needed to make temperature adjustments is less and the heater coils are no longer tasked to heat saturated solvents. This extends the life span of the coils, while reducing costly repairs and down time. The CBG PW Series has provided an array of benefits throughout our company including improved production quality and efficiency, safety, sustainability and significant savings in solvent and disposal costs."

Jody Cook, Facilities Engineer
Jore Corporation

Contact us now to take put the financial advantages of a CBG solvent reclaimer to work for your company.