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Customer Successes!

Manufacturers and researchers worldwide have benefited from the use of CBG's solvent recyclers in their operations.

While increased safety and regulatory compliance are two big benefits, one of the main advantages of reclaiming solvent is the cost savings it provides, as the examples below clearly show.

Acetone Recovery in University Lab - University lab sustainability initiative pays off for waste acetone recycler.

Solvent Recovery Makes the Grade in Yale Chemistry Labs - Recycling solvent allows university laboratory to operate in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Reclaiming Xylene and Ethanol in a Laboratory Setting - Electronics manufacturer uses fractional distillation recycler to recycle three different solvents at high purity.

Solvent Recycling…Then and Now - EH&S partnered with the Departments of Pathology and Dermatopathology at Columbia University Medical Center to begin an on-site recycling program for spent xylene and ethanol used in these laboratories and returning to it use over and over again.

Contact us now to take put the financial advantages of a CBG solvent reclaimer to work for your company.