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Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers

LF Series - 6, 15, 30 and 60-Gallon models

Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers
6 Gallon
S-600 Solvent Recycler
Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers
15 Gallon
S-1500 Solvent Recycler
Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers
30 Gallon
S-3000 Solvent Recycler
Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers
60 Gallon
S-6000T Solvent Recycler
Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers
Vacuum Assist
for Solvent Recyclers
Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers
C1D1 Option
for Solvent Recyclers
Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers
Water Separator
for Solvent Recyclers

Lithographic and Flexographic printing operations use a significant amount of press wash/blanket wash and other solvents for press cleaning. Used solvent combined with ink waste is often the largest waste stream in the facility.

With the CBG LF solvent recovery unit, any printing operation can reclaim their cleaning solvents from the ink and reuse it. Recycling cleaning solvents onsite and reusing the solvents help the facility by reducing generator status and cradle-to-grave hazardous waste liabilities. With four models (6, 15, 30 and 60 gallon capacities) to choose from, CBG offers a model to fit your facility’s volume of waste solvent and daily operational needs.

Why use dirty solvents when you can use clean solvents all the time?

Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers


All CBG solvent recyclers are UL2208 Certified for use in non-hazardous environments and satisfy the latest Uniform Fire Code requirements for solvent distillation units. Waste transfer fill pumps are available to reduce risk of spills and exposure.
  • Automatic shutdown sensors included
  • Pressure relief valves included
  • Safe Hands hydraulic lift tank lid
  • Air-cooled; no water hook-up required
  • C1D1 models available

Lithographic & Flexographic Solvent Recyclers

Positive Impacts:


  • Lithographic and Flexographic printers who use a CBG LF Series solvent recycling system gain significant savings from reduced solvent and waste disposal costs. Many operations have increased profits by reducing their solvent purchases by as much as 80-90% by recycling and reusing their cleaning solvents.


  • All LF Series solvent recyclers are microprocessor controlled for complete walk away function capabilities. LF models can be equipped with a vacuum assist for even tighter temperature control for higher boiling solvents. CBG also offers a water gravity separator for all Lithographic applications for final water removal. All LF models are equipped with tank liners that allow for quick and easy removal of and discarding the final ink waste.


The LF Series solvent recyclers will help maintain the integrity and prolong the life of your production processing equipment. Prolonging the life of your processing equipment not only saves money, it also helps to avoid costly unscheduled shutdowns and repairs. Additionally, solvent recycling minimizes the time spent monitoring your solvent quality.