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Why Choose Us for Your Solvent Distillation Needs?

In the Solvent Distillation Equipment field, there may be a number of potential suppliers – and then there is CBG. There are many compelling reasons why you should source your solvent distillation equipment from CBG:

Our stringent construction and testing requirements ensure that CBG solvent distillation equipment is safe.

Safety. Safety is a critical concern for any potential user of solvent distillation equipment. We recognize that our equipment is heating potentially flammable solvents to boiling.

  • Our solvent distillation equipment is certified by ETL to UL 61010 and 2208 standards for use in non-hazardous locations. We adhere to the stringent construction and testing requirements of these standards.
  • Our microprocessor and software governs a sophisticated set of safety controls that is among the most comprehensive in the industry.
  • In addition, most of our industrial solvent distillation models can be constructed to the enhanced safety standards of Class 1 Division 1.
CBG solvent distillation equipment is backed by outstanding customer service. Exceptional Customer Care. While we are justly proud of our solvent distillation equipment, our true differentiator is the level of customer care that we provide. Some competitors may offer a price-driven solvent recycler – but once the sale has been made, those sellers essentially disappear. Not CBG.
CBG solvent distillation equipment is made in the United States. Made in the USA. Many of our North American competitors are only distributors of imported recycling systems – not manufacturers - who may not have the same commitment to customer care and the ability to respond to specific concerns about your solvent distillation equipment.

  • Our service team is tied directly to our manufacturing plant in Cleveland, Ohio. If your solvent distillation equipment malfunctions, the people who need to service it are the same people who helped to build it. We can draw upon the resources of our entire manufacturing organization to support your CBG solvent distillation equipment: Production, Service and R&D.
Strong partnerships back our solvent distillation equipment. Strong Partnerships. For customers located outside of North America, CBG ensures that our solvent distillation equipment is distributed through a network of established local distributors with strong service capabilities.
Solvent distillation equipment is CBG's main focus.
Focus on Solvent Distillation Equipment. Many suppliers of solvent distillation equipment offer a broad range of equipment, such as parts cleaners and general industrial equipment. There are few that specialize in solvent distillation equipment, as does CBG.

  • Unlike most of our competitors who only offer simple distillation recyclers, we manufacture both a full range of simple distillation recyclers as well as a range of fractional distillation recyclers for more complex solvent distillation needs.
  • We can offer technical guidance and potential services on integrating our equipment into our customers’ processes.
Our solvent distillation equipment is supported by proven quality systems. Industry Expertise. While CBG certainly has a broad range of solvent distillation equipment to address the various solvent recycling needs of industrial facilities and laboratories, we offer a particular expertise for certain industries and solvent users.
High Quality Construction. Sure, there is “cheap” recycling equipment out there. But – you are purchasing durable equipment. You want your solvent distillation equipment to be operating not just next month – but also next year, and hopefully for the next 7 years or more.
CBG is a GSA-approved vendor for solvent distillation equipment. Government Support. As a GSA-approved equipment, maintenance/ repair and supplies vendor, we ensure compliance with U.S. federal contract regulations.

Contact CBG - your first choice to meet your solvent distillation needs!