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CBG Biotech Solvent Recycler Overview

Thank you for visiting us here at CBG Biotech! We have a wide selection of solvent recycling solutions to fit virtually ANY application. If you are interested in recycling equipment for industrial applications, please visit us at


Benchtop Supreme Recycler!
Twice the recycler! Half the space!

Formula 83™ Clearing Solvent*
SAFER than Xylene! FASTER than Xylene! BETTER than Xylene!
SAFER, FASTER, BETTER and LESS COSTLY than other Xylene Substitutes!
(only offered in limited markets outside of North America.)

CBG Biotech develops and manufactures solvent recyclers and liquid waste minimization equipment for laboratory and industrial applications (Recyclers).

No special training is needed to operate the solvent recycler. Simply fill the solvent recycling unit with contaminated solvent using the recycling unit's self-contained pump, push a button and walk away. Each solvent recycler can be programmed to recycle a broad range of solvents. Specialized formalin recyclers have the same ease of use.

Cost savings with CBG Biotech solvent recyclers can begin immediately, as do the associated environmental and regulatory compliance benefits. This is one of the few times in life when "doing good" can also mean extra money in your budget. Solvent recycling provides cost savings through:

  • Reductions in purchases of new solvents due to re-use of existing solvent
  • Reductions in wastes and the associated handling costs for disposing of waste
  • Reductions in storage costs of both solvents and wastes

Solvent recyclers range in size and configuration. The solvent recycling unit is almost 100% automatic and is safe enough to use in almost any work environment. The wide variety of recycling equipment offered by CBG Biotech can recycle virtually any common solvent.

CBG Biotech has your waste minimization answers!



Laboratory utilized 50 gallons of Xylene and 85 gallons of Alcohol per Month. Laboratory paid to have contaminated xylene and alcohol taken away for disposal.

Original MONTHLY Expenses:

Xylene Purchases
Xylene Disposal
Alcohol Purchases
Alcohol Disposal
Total MONTHLY Expenses:

Subsequent MONTHLY Expenses When a Solvent Recycler (5 Gallon Capacity) was Utilized:

Xylene Purchases
Xylene Disposal
Alcohol Purchases
Alcohol Disposal
Total MONTHLY Expenses:


$1,231 (92%)

Plus: Extra Savings Due to Lower Storage, Handling and Administrative Expenses

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