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What's Hot! The Latest in Solvent Recycling News

CBG prides itself on a tradition of innovation, continually seeking to improve our customers' solvent recycling capabilities.

Check back here frequently for the latest information on solvent recycling, reclamation and distillation, as well as the equipment - and the company - that gets the job done.

Integrating Vapor Degreasers with Solvent Recycling

Vapor Degreasers are a very effective parts cleaning technology, especially for precision parts. However, they are expensive to use in terms of solvent usage. And, this expense is dramatically increased if an engineered fluid such as Novec or Vertrel is used.

Solvent recycling is an extremely effective complement to the use of vapor degreasers. Almost all of the solvents now disposed of as hazardous waste can be reclaimed and reused in the vapor degreaser. This results in much lower costs for new solvent purchases as well as a significant decrease in the waste solvent that must be discarded.

CBG Technologies takes this one step further, with full integration and virtual automation of its TechnoClean solvent recyclers with vapor degreasers. By integrating a CBG TechnoClean solvent recycler, the vapor degreaser can run for weeks – even months – with constantly replenished pure solvent and ongoing waste removal.

For example, one customer integrated a CBG F-2500 TechnoClean solvent recycler with its vapor degreaser, which holds approximately 60 gallons of Vertrel. Their TechnoClean system automatically processes approximately 4 gallons of Vertrel per hour on a continuous basis over a one month period. The solvent recycler constantly removes waste from the vapor degreaser and returns purified solvent to the vapor degreaser, thereby keeping the solvent in the vapor degreaser extremely clean. Not only is this saving solvent costs but it also allows the customer to avoid changing solvents on a frequent basis, which reduces labor and improves efficiencies in connection with the vapor degreaser.

Similarly, several other customers recently integrated CBG S-1500 TechnoClean solvent recyclers with their vapor degreasers to process their Novec engineered fluid. By automatically processing approximately 2 gallons of Novec per hour, these customers run their respective systems continuously for 2 weeks at a time before they need to change out the dirty solvent.

And, even customers who do not utilize such expensive engineered fluids utilize CBG solvent recyclers to realize cost savings. One customer’s vapor degreaser has a smaller solvent capacity – only 30 gallons. This customer uses trichloroethylene with their vapor degreaser. They purchased a CBG S-1500 TechnoClean solvent recycler and integrated it with their vapor degreaser. Such customers still realize ongoing cost savings as well as optimize their operations through less frequent solvent replacement in their vapor degreaser.

CBG’s expertise in integrating solvent recycling with vapor degreasers is critical to the effective set-up of such a system. Please contact CBG to enhance the effectiveness and reduce the operating costs of your vapor degreaser.

For more information on solvent recycling units, visit our Industrial Equipment page.


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