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Vacuum Assist

Some users seek to recycle solvents with a relatively high boiling point that may exceed the operating range of the CBG recycler. By placing the system under vacuum assist, the boiling point of the waste solvent is substantially lowered, thereby allowing efficient processing of a normally high boiling waste solvent. As a general rule any solvent or solvent blend with a boiling point over 180°C (350°F) will require the vacuum assist option. CBG offers both airpowered and electric vacuum assist options.

Please review your MSDS sheet(s) with your CBG representative to determine if you require this feature.

Air Powered Vacuum Assist

  • Requires a compressed air source at a constant 90 psi and a rate of
    air flow of 4.9 cubic feet per minute.

Electric Vacuum Assist

  • Rated at either 0.7 Amps at 240 Volts or 3.2 Amps at 115 Volts
*Vacuum assist option for the F-800 and F2500 models are mounted internally.
**Vacuum assist option for the S-600 is mounted externally directly onto the Recycler.

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