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Reclaiming Multiple Solvent Waste Streams

multiple solvent reclaimer studyA New Jersey electronic circuit board manufacturer needed to reduce both its costs and its EPA reporting levels related to three different solvents:

  • A suspension of silicon primer and dust in alcohol
  • A solution of oil in a mineral spirits solvent
  • A solution of ink in acetone

The annual cost for new solvent and the disposal of the different solvent wastes was almost $25,000.

The manufacturer needed to recover these three solvents at high purity free from the other solvents and at high recovery levels. The manufacturer's safety concerns required that the recycler meet at least Class I Division II standards and be a virtually automatic operation.

We tested samples of their solvent wastes and then recommended a CBG Technologies 8 Gallon TechnoClean Plus solvent recycler. This solvent reclaiming unit recycled all three waste streams (one at a time).

The recycler uses fractional distillation to obtain the higher purities and good separations that are needed by the customer. The built-in safety features provided the necessary "comfort" for the customer. The payback on investment was achieved in less than 16 months, and their EPA issues were greatly reduced.

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